Established Cricket Bar Companies & The New Chirps on The Block

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nsects have been a staple diet food for many cultures for many hundreds if not thousands of years. Only recently have we in Western society been introduced to products containing insects. Specifically cricket flour as a primary ingredient in cricket flour protein bars.

Two companies leading the insect protein bar charge are Exo ( and Chapul ( Each company providing their own take on cricket bars and equally different is their startup stories.

Pat Crowley, a hydrologist, raft guide, and explorer founded Chapul in 2012 with college roommate Dan O’Neil. Crowley started exploring insect protein after hearing a TED talk by Dr. Marcel Dicke on entomophagy. Crowley’s concern, the overconsumption of freshwater in the agriculture industry. By introducing insects as a source of protein humans can reduce the massive amounts of water used in irrigating farms that feed the hundreds of millions of livestock each year.

The Chapul energy bar Kickstarter project was successfully funded back in July 2012, making Chapul the first kid on the cricket flour protein bar block.

Crowley points out the phenomena of sushi bars in the U.S.   These restaurants were not well received by most Americans in the 1960’s and 1970’s, many saw raw fish as bait.   Sushi Bars have since exploded in popularity and can be found in most every city. He see’s Chapul and insect consumption in a similar position.

Chapul offers their cricket bars in three distinct flavors:

  • Aztec Bar (Dark Chocolate, Coffee, & Cayenne)
  • Chaco Bar (Peanut Butter & Chocolate)
  • Thai Bar (Coconut, Ginger, & Lime)

Chapul Logo

Exo co-CEO’s Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis both met at Brown University where they came up with the idea for their brand of cricket protein bars.

Lewis, frustrated by the disparity in taste and nutritional value of existing bars, had been working on a paleo-friendly protein bar when Sewitz suggested using crickets as the source of protein. Sewitz got the idea from conversations on the environmental benefits of insects that followed a MIT conference he attended.

It was when they received positive taste results from protein bars formulated with Lewis’ recipe and crickets they received alive, froze, slow roasted and ground into powder that they decided to curtail post-college job plans.

July of 2013 is when they launched a Kickstarter campaign hitting their $20,000.00 goal within the first 3 days. By the end of the campaign they had raised $55,000.00.

Clearly the success of the Kickstarter campaign and subsequent positive press coverage were clear indicators to Greg and Gabi that the Western world was ready or at least willing to try edible insects.

Exo offers their cricket bars in four distinct flavors:

  • Cacao Nut
  • Blueberry Vanilla
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Apple Cinnamon

Exo Logo

Is the Cricket Protein Bar Market Getting Crowded?

Progressive health conscious consumers will soon have two more cricket flour protein bar companies from which to choose.

Founders Búi Aðalsteinsson and Stefán Thoroddsen started Crowbar Protein (, an Icelandic based company in June of 2014.  Búi, a product designer inspired by a UN report on edible insects, built an at-home ‘Fly Factory’.  The factory provided a ripe environment for growing and harvesting of Black Soldier fly larvae and the resulting waste.

The media attention gathered by this prototype machine further convinced Búi of the need for commercially available insect food products.  At which time he recruited Stefán and formed Crowbar Protein with initial seed funding of $16,000.00 from Startup Reykjavik (

In April of 2015, Crowbar Protein launched their Kickstarter campaign to gather further funding for their Jungle Bar cricket protein bar.  Their funding goal is set at $15,000.00 (within the projects first 24 hours they have 43 backers and are funding at 20% ($3,080.00)).

Crowbar has three flavors they are currently developing:

  • Peanut Butter & White Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Cinnamon & Chocolate

Finally we have Crobar. Yes, look closely at the spelling.   It is very close to the Icelandic startup name, Crowbar Protein.   As of March 2015, Crobar, a London U.K. based company, has launched their Kickstarter campaign.

Crobar is attempting to reach a goal of $14,760.00. As of the writing of this article they were roughly $3,000.00 away from their goal with eight days remaining. Christine Spliid, a native of Denmark, competitive runner, and having studied Psychology and Business at Warwick University is jumping into the fray.

Spliid’s idea for developing a cricket protein bar stems from difficulty in finding a healthy alternative to those energy bars that are high in sugar or use whey as their protein source.

I was unable to find a website for Crobar, only a Facebook page.


Crobar mentions two flavors on their Kickstarter page. I can find only one at this time:

  • Cocoa Crunch
  • Flavor to be named later

Crobar Logo

Are We Witnessing an Edible Insect Revolution?

I don’t know if we are full steam ahead yet, but we are getting close to ‘general public awareness’. At which point edible insects will no longer be a weird blip we read or see occasionally on news sites, but be mainstream.

I think we are now in the early adoption phase by those ‘quirky’ health nuts (I am pointing the finger clearly at myself with this remark). Which will then be followed next by the gentle easing and acceptance into your average everyday health conscious individuals. Lastly, edible insects will be slip streamed into acceptance by the general population.

My prediction, based purely on what I’ve been reading and studying about the Western adoption of entomophagy, for the last phase is still another 4-6 years away. Although if sites like this and others along with their social media counterparts continue to push and educate on the massive environmental benefits edible insects have on society, the process could optimistically be expedited by a year or two.

Additionally, as companies like Chapul and Exo continue to develop edible insect based products and funded Kickstarter entomophagy campaigns bring new ideas to market, we could all be asking for cricket flour bread rather than white or wheat bread for our sandwiches sooner than we think.

Let us know what you think the future holds for edible insects by heading over to our Twitter or Facebook page!

Cricket Flour Protein Bars – Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids?

exo protein bars cricket flour

Kids thoroughly enjoy grossing out their friends.  You know that, right?

What about this, how much do you think they would love telling their friends that they’re eating insects?  Little Johnny will be the talk of the school when he pulls out his PB&J protein bar, tells his buddies it made of crickets, then proceeds to chomp down on the bar licking his lips until the very last delicious bite.  That is exactly what happened to my son last year during lunch at his middle school.

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Cricket Flour Health Benefits, Sustainability, and Affordability Site Logo


veryone wants better health. Even if you do not need to lose weight or care about running a marathon, you know you want to feel more energetic and strong. Good nutrition is the best way of achieving the level of health you need to thrive. For decades, doctors and nutritionists have extolled to the value of protein in every diet.

Why is Protein Needed?

Protein is needed in the diet because it helps to build muscle, promotes a feeling of fullness and provides energy. Many forms of protein, like meat and nuts can be calorie-packed and expensive. Raising animals for meat is also stressful on the environment. It was with all of this in mind that Cricket flour was created. Cricket flour is what it sounds like, it is a flour made from dried and powdered crickets. Before you decide this product is not for you, take a few moments to hear about how it began and what some cricket flour health benefits happen to be.

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5 Things to Know About Cricket Flour and Its Benefits

single cricket on white background


eople who love to work out a lot are always looking for a good source of protein to help them get the most out of their workout. Diets and supplements go and come, but the newest and most interesting protein supplement is in the form of something unusual crickets. Crickets and other bugs are actually very healthy and contain a lot more protein than people realize. Here are a five things to know about cricket flour protein powder and how it can benefit you and your workouts.

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Insects for Food – It Makes Sense

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n the early days of mankind, hunting and gathering was the main means of providing food. As small gatherings of people became villages and towns, this way of obtaining food quickly became unsustainable and people began keeping livestock and growing crops to keep up with the demand. This may be a very simple andancient hunter 1024 brief explanation of how farming came about, but is an important milestone in how humans can stop consuming the planets natural resources to find more sustainable ways of living.

Farming, as a means of producing food, has been feeding the world to the point of excess for thousands of years, but it seems that humanity is once again on the precipice of requiring a new solution. The most viable resolution to food crises that are popping up all over the world seems to be insects for food.

Although insects have formed part of the diet of many societies to date – especially in South-East Asia and Africa – most westerners cannot stomach the thought of eating the planets greatest source of protein, insects. In fact U.S. News and World Report posted a recent article on Countries That Eat Bugs. The simple solution to this problem is to convert the inedible looking creatures into a more palatable form.

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What Is Cricket Flour Nutrition And Why Do Nutritionists Love It?

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hen most people think about getting fit they often think about the gym. For other people, fitness involves eating more fruits, vegetables and lean meats. However, these days, a surprising number of people are turning to cricket flour nutrition.

Yes, crickets are just one of several insects that have slowly begun taking the world of nutrition by storm. This isn’t just a fad or trend that’ll likely go away in the coming months. A number of insect companies are putting lots of money into developing unique powders and snacks for those interested in eating healthy. Out of the products being developed, cricket flour seems to be leading the pack.

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Insect Flour and Its Health Advantages

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ere are a couple of fun facts: A pound of crickets contains many times more protein than a pound of hamburger. It’s also lower in fat and better for the environment. Most Western nations find the idea of eating insects, even insect flour, a bit distasteful. However, this is not shared in many other countries when insects are an important part of the diet.  Secondly,  the human consumption of insects is called entomophagy and has been practiced for over 3000 years.

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The Benefit and Effectiveness of Insect Protein

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roteins are essentially paramount for proper tissue and muscle development. They are the key body building blocks thus facilitate proper mental and physical health. Proteins are digested into amino acids that are essential for cell regeneration and tissue repair among many other benefits. It is for this reason why nutritionists advise us to ensure we take the recommended protein intake to remain strong and healthy. The best sources for proteins include lean meat, turkey, chicken, fish, mushrooms and insects among many others. You can also supplement your protein intake by taking insect protein supplements.

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Insect protein supplements are protein obtained from dried insects ground into powder. Grasshoppers, termites, ants, crickets, and the giant water bug are some of the most nutritious insects. Protein obtained from these insects is of a better quality than that from tuna or lean beef. Research shows that, 1 pound of termite meal provides the body with 30% more proteins than lean meat (1 pound) does. This is evidence enough showing insect protein supplements are indeed highly nutritive and effective.

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